Construction Management

Construction Management is quickly becoming a popular choice for Project Delivery Method. It offers many benefits to all parties involved in a Project while having minimal drawbacks. With a Construction Management Delivery Method the Client hires an Architect/Designer and a Contractor. The Architect/Designer works in conjunction with the Contractor to create a Design that will be executed by the Contractor. The Contractor provides recommendations to the Architect/Designer on constructibility, value, product availability, construction schedule, productivity, quality, and overall cost. The Client agrees to the Design from the Architect/Designer and Contractor and the Contractor executes it. The Contractor can work under one of the many different contract types/fee structures for this Delivery Method such as Percentage Fee, Fixed Fee, Cost Plus, or Guaranteed Maximum Price.



Value Engineering and Increased Project Value because the Contractor is involved in the Design Process

Minimalizes potential issues that would arise during Construction with the implementation of the Design.

Scope of Work for all parties involved is clearly defined, eliminating potential scope gaps that can occur with Design-Bid-Build

Most Cost controlled Delivery Method

Better Project schedule control



No competitive bidding process

Client/Owner is engaged with both the Architect/Designer and the Contractor, requiring them to be more hands-on than any other Delivery Method


When To Utilize This Method

When you want the most Cost Control on your Project

If the Client wants to be hands-on in all aspects of the Project

When the Client is concerned about changing aspects the Design once the Project has been started


Contact us to see if a Construction Management Delivery Method is the best option for your Project, or if you want to use us for a Construction Management Project.