Design Build

The Design Build Delivery Method is the most hands-off method for Clients. The Client comes to the Contractor with a concept and the Contractor executes this concept from Design to Completion. With this Delivery Method the Contractor hires the Architect/Designer and the Engineer, and they all work for the Contractor.  Having the Contractor manage every aspect of the Project allows for the entire Project to be completed faster than any other Delivery Method.



The Client has one point of contact who manages every aspect of the Project

Delivers the most cooperation/collaboration with all parties involved out of any Delivery Method

Fastest overall Project Completion out of all of the Delivery Methods

Offers the most financial flexibility for the Client

Lowest risk out of all the Delivery Methods



Minimal to no competitive bidding process to acquire a Design-Build Contractor

Can end up being the most expensive delivery method depending on the Design versus other Delivery Methods


When To Utilize This Method

A renovation is needed but you have no experience with contracting or tendering

A turn-key renovation with low risk

Fast Project completion


Contact us to see if a Design Build is the best option for your Project, or if you want to use us for a Design Build Project.