General Contracting

General Contracting is also known as Design-Bid-Build. The Client hires an Architect or Designer to design the project and prepare the applicable Specifications and Drawings. The Architect/Designer will tender the project for Contractors to bid on in a competitive bidding process, or in some instances will solicit a sole source bid. The Contractor then hires all the Trades and executes the design from the Architect/Designer. Although this is the most common Delivery Method used in the industry, it may not be the correct Delivery Method for you.



Client has greater Project Control

Results in the lowest initial cost out of all of the Delivery Methods

Affords the Client more design freedom than other Delivery Methods



Has the longest overall Project Schedule, and Construction Schedule

Usually results in delays that push the Project past the originally scheduled completion date

Commonly ends up being the most expensive Delivery Method due to Change Orders, and issues that arise during construction

There is no Contractor input during the Design Process. This often results in issues when it comes time to execute the Design from the Architect/Designer, which results in additional costs for the Client

Carries the most risk to the Client, Architect/Designer, and Contractor out of all of the Delivery Methods

Promotes getting the Project completed at the absolute lowest price


When To Utilize This Method

The Client requires a minimum of 3 prices solicited from Contractors

The Client has the expertise and resources to independently contract an Architect/Designer and Engineer


Contact us to see if General Contracting is the best option for your Project, or if you want to use us for a General Contracting Project.